This is a blog for what I believe to be an unsuccessful startup idea. So why memorialize an unsuccessful idea? A couple of reasons:

  • How do I know it will be unsuccessful? If we start with a basic idea for what a successful (profitable) company would look like, we can build a hypothesis test around that idea. This is a site dedicated to that process.
  • Y-Combinator Startup School is starting in July 2019 and I wanted to go through the 10-week program with an idea to apply the lessons taught. By memorializing my experiences in the program, I will have a framework to apply those lessons to future ideas.

Core Concept

Build a no-touch automated platform for passively managing an investment fund. Something about benchmarks / targets Something about direct indexing

index fund management. This platform will respond to input events (signals) and generate trades submitted directly to the market via FIX protocol.

Success & Failure

What would a successfil company look like

Why do you think it will not become successful


Take a look at the page describing the hypothesis

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Here is what you need to know about investment management

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Current Environment

The investment management space is very crowded.

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Building a Company

Here is how we would build a company around this idea